Will-Be Solution, Inc. has selected CBD solution, and has established self developed theory, 《i-WCBD》It can receive the request from clients through analyst, planner, and developer’s smooth communication which formed an easy way to develop and construct the process
Will-Be Solution, Inc.’s Building Methodology (provisional name: i-WCBD) is a combination of UML (Unified Marked Language) of Rational’s RUP (Rational Unified Process) and Korea Component Studies Committee’s (KCSC) MaRMI III, with the considerations of financial industry’s IT environment and all sorts which is self arranged CBD (Component Based Development) building methodology.
To intermediate among analyst, planner, and developers’ smooth communications, we’ve selected UML (Unified Marked Language) , and have applied RUP (Rational Unified Process) to set a systematic developing process. It supports management of calculation through importing the Korean CBD methodology, MaRMI III.
By selecting the methodology of Component fundamentals, it can easily manage the client’s request, and also has the capabilities to confront the work revision and change of market conditions rapidly. Setting a Repetitive / gradual development program, it is designed to receive and reflect the action officer’s opinion all times.
i-WCBD is defined as a sub-process for main process which analyzes, plans, develops, and projects supports and management. Each process performs a lower activity, and each lower activity is formed of model and document. The main process has 2 dimension structure, latitudely holds 4 phases: the notion, Architecture, construction of system, and distribution. Longitudely, it is consisted of requests, analysis, planning, execution, and test.

The sub process is formed 3 parts being: project management, configuration management, project support.
There isn’t a restriction in tools used, but the most generalized tools have been used.
To support UML and RUP, Rational Rose has been used, and to support Data Model, ER-Win and Model Mart has been used. To support assisting work, MS-Project & Microsoft Share-point Server, MS-Word, and ClearCase Lt have been used.
The expected results through using i-WCBD is as following.

In the aspect of quality, company-wide Standard Process can be easily set, and in case of team process development, establishment of Tailoring system can be easily performed. The establishment of quality objective and relevant generalized guide can also be presented.

In the production aspect, The enhancement and reuse of S/W development process ability resulted from the constitution of Business Logic, and the productivity of established standard observation can result in enhancement. In addition, modeling of Best Practice Usecase expansion can also be provided.

From the aspect of project management, it is possible to establish a project based on Data, and to guarantee request tracking, each analysis / planning steps of Usecase Task can be organized. The development methodology and management methodology can be provided into combined into one methodology.
In case of applying i-WCBD, the project will be proceeded in following format.

Managerial Accounting