In general, management supervision is in charge of management aspect, and CRM is in charge of sales. However, in reality, it is consisted 1 loop, and the point contact for management supervision and CRM lies on a point where management and sales logic interact through process of which mutual demand articles, supporting facts, appropriate check up and agreement, and this is a vita point that can affect immensely on the growth and development of a corporate.

Management supervision system is based on business activities result data, and this information goes through the prime cost and profitable work. This information formed according to clients/products/organizational profitable information, which supports the performance analysis and management strategy establishment based on data. In addition, by providing profitable measurement results to sales supervision, it provides the business possibilities, analysis, and marketing strategies establishment based on data.

Therefore, Will-Be Solution, Inc., through management and sales supervision, forms strategies with both aspect in combined management to achieve greatest corporate objective of profit maximization, and Will-Be Solution, Inc. Also assists in achieving fundamental goals.


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